11 Puppies Rescued From a Backyard Hole

This litter of puppies were trapped in a hole.


A litter of scared, muddy little puppies were trapped in a dangerous situation, but thankfully there was a happy ending.

When a Detroit man heard the puppies crying from a nearby backyard, he notified the Michigan Humane Society. They sprang to action and rescued all of the dogs – 11 puppies and their mom, who were hiding from bad weather in a hole.

The situation became dangerous because of the possibility of flooding, so the Humane Society workers had to dig out the hole to reach the animals, who might have otherwise drowned if the hole filled with water.

The puppies were pulled from the situation one by one, with many scared and crying throughout the ordeal. The Humane Society staff were caring and attentive as they worked to save the little guys. It took a few hours, however, for the mother to return to the litter, but they were able get her to safety and back with her babies. The whole rescue mission was broadcast in a Facebook Live video.

Matthew Pepper, CEO of the Michigan Humane Society, explained that it was a “unique opportunity to show people what their support makes possible, and what we do every day.”

The Humane Society later provided this update on Facebook: “The mom and puppies rescued yesterday are doing well! It will be a few weeks before any of them are able to be adopted.” Not surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in adopting these puppies!

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