3 Brothers Bike Across Nation For Charity

Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis Jenkins – three brothers – are riding their bikes across the country for charity. How cool is that? Also, when you visit their website, they provide a map so you can follow along on their trip. This is mapping out a pretty great bike (maybe road?) trip for future reference, by the way.

The brothers were raised with philanthropic roots and own businesses throughout Texas (with up to 1,000 employees). They are setting off to raise money for two charities – A Child’s Hope and Moss Pieratt Foundation. One mile at a time! A Child’s Hope is focused on providing a safe home for the children of Haiti. And Moss Pieratt Foundation was crated to honor the life of young John “Moss” Pieratt Jr. who died due to sudden unexplained death. His parents started the foundation to raise awareness and find a cause or cure.

So with that in mind, these three brothers are on their way! On Day 1 they started out in Seattle, Washington and on Day 20 they were in North Dakota. They blog about their whole journey on their website and you can follow along with their map. It’s pretty incredible stuff!

Check out their latest social media posts, you must follow them on Instagram –

According to the Dickinson Press, they brothers are biking an average of 70 miles a day (can you imagine??) and plan to show up in New York after 55 days of biking.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more and follow along!

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