5 Fun Easter Crafts That Won’t Harm the Environment

If you want to make Easter extra memorable this year, try these cute crafts!

Are you in a DIY sort of mood? Maybe you should try some of these adorable, Easter crafts! Not only are they adorable but they also have an added bonus: They’re all eco-friendly! That’s right: None of these DIYs will harm the environment. These ideas all involve working with mother nature and help cut back on waste and toxicity. After all, Earth Day is right around the corner (and April is considered Earth Month too). So lets get crafty and go green at the same time!

1 Make naturally dyed Easter eggs

5 Fun Easter Crafts That Won't Harm the Environment
Shifting Roots

This is one way to avoid using fake dyes. After all, synthetic food coloring is actually not only harmful to the environment (dumping it down the drain pollutes waterways), but is also harmful to us. You can read more about the harm synthetic dyes cause to your health here. Instead, try dying your eggs using fruits and vegetables! That’s right you heard me. The eggs pictured above were dyed using fruits and veggies and they’re stunning! Want to learn the secret on how to do it? Check out Shifting Root’s post here: She’ll teach you which fruit and vegetables to use to make different colors, and how long to let them soak in them. Sweet!

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