5 Must-Watch Thrillers You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

Looking for something to watch this week? Check out these five.

5 Must-Watch Thrillers You Probably Haven't Seen Yet
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Tired of the same old movies? Well, if you are in need of something to watch this week, we’ve collected five must-watch thrillers that you need to add to your movie list. These handful of movies are likely ones you haven’t seen yet, so if you are looking for something new, you are bound to find something here.

1 A Cure for Wellness (2016)

The thing that caught me in the trailer was how just…really bizarre this movie seemed. Sort of like someone’s twisted nightmare. It’s about how a guy is sent to get his company’s CEO from a ‘wellness center” located in the Swiss Alps. But, as we all know, things aren’t quite what they seem. The reviews have been a mixed bag with some people saying this movie is an acquired taste, as one reviewer puts it. However, another reviewer describes this movie as art. This psychological thriller is quite the creepy ride and should be added to your must watch list for this week.


2 Primer (2004)

Released in 2004, this movie is sort of an obscure thriller that can be a bit hard to follow at times. For those who are willing to stick with it, it’s captivating. The low production value seems to add to the realness to what we’re seeing, almost as if we’re given a lens into these people’s lives rather than watching a movie. It’s science fiction. It’s time travel. Any more said will completely give it away.


3 Exam (2016)

One job. Eight candidates. Sounds like your standard type of job interview scenario right? Well not so. They all are ushered into a windowless room and are asked to answer one simple question. Just one. It’s a psychological thriller that is absolutely exciting. Go in without any expectations of what you will see and you will most definitely enjoy yourself.


4 The Look Like People (2015)

This creepy sci-fi horror thriller mixes in what could be someone’s mental health collapsing with what could be something very frighteningly true. A young man believes those around them are really evil creatures and he prepares for the ultimate fight against what is taking over the world. The question is – is it real? The build up to the fight the main character is expecting, and the constant fear he may be wrong, keeps you on the edge of your seat.


5 Mama (2013)

I’m not usually a fan of “children raised in the woods” types of movies, but this one stands out. This couple takes in their two nieces only to realize the mother they thought was long gone is watching the two daughters and won’t let go. This movie is an unexpected scary surprise.


What are you watching this week?


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