5 Reasons You Should Avoid Marine Parks This Summer

While the animals there may look happy, they’e actually not.

If you’re thinking about visiting a marine park this summer, think again. Marine parks may look like nice places to visit, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t go there. For starters, animals in marine parks are often times forced to do tricks against there will. But that’s not all. Animals are often depressed and stressed out. That’s because they aren’t allowed to do anything they’d normally do in the wild. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Marine Parks: Why You Should Skip A Visit To Marine Parks | The Dodo

Throughout the video (posted by The Dodo), you see 5 reasons as to why you shouldn’t support this industry. Here are 5 of the reasons listed below:

  1. Animals are kept in tiny tanks.
  2. Sometimes they even bully each other because they’re so cramped.
  3. The animals may look happy, but they’re often depressed.
  4. Many animals are forced to perform unnatural tricks.
  5. A lot of times, the show must go on – even if they’re sick or injured.

Let each one of those reasons sink in for a moment. Imagine being crammed into a tiny tank all your life. Wouldn’t that stress you out and make you more aggressive?

The animals are also forced to perform these tricks no matter their physical condition. This is reason number five – and it’s the cruelest one of all. No matter if they are wounded or have an illness, they are expected to perform. That’s like expecting a person with pneumonia to come into work. Unbelievable.

To give you an example of reason number five, the video shows a sea lion who has mange but is still forced to perform for an audience. Do you know what mange is? It’s a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. It’s even occasionally communicable to humans. It usually causes severe itching, hair loss, and formation of scabs and lesions. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that animal must have felt? Yet they still made him/her perform.

Sadly, the only reason marine parks exist is for profit. If you believe they are actually designed to educate people about these animals, you are sadly mistaken. The animals are treated like items, not conscious beings. Please don’t support this cruelty anymore.

What you can do to help:

Instead of taking your children to one of these parks (or visiting there yourself), try going whale watching, staying at an animal sanctuary, or simply going on a nature hike. There are so many ways to expose your kids (or yourself) to nature that doesn’t involve cruel practices. To further help marine animals in captivity, support the Sea Shepard Cove Guardians, and the China Cetacean Alliance. These non-profits believe sea life should stay in the sea. After all, how can a tank compare to the ocean? And if you can’t donate to their cause at the moment, please share this article to help spread the word.

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