5 Strange Beers to Try for National Beer Day

In honor of National Beer Day, step outside of your comfort zone and try these weird brews.

5 Strange Beers to Try for National Beer Day
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Apparently today is National Beer Day. Why not? So in honor of the day, we have some pretty weird beers you may want to challenge yourself to trying out at least once. You may never drink them again, but they will make for an excellent story.

1 Pizza Beer

Oh yes, this is definitely a thing. But sadly it only seems to be in the Chicago area. Lucky them! Pizza Beer started out the way many great success stories start out – in someone’s home. The home brewed beer started out with a mix of tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs, all designed to get that fresh pizza-beerish taste. It didn’t stop there. Several trial and errors later which led to them dumping a whole pizza into the brew and soon Pizza Beer was born.

Plan that trip to Chicago to try out Pizza Beer.

2 Bourbon Carrot Cake

Really if you are choosing beers from the Shorts Brewing Company, it isn’t a question of if you want to choose a weird beer, it’s a matter of which one would you like to choose. But this particular one stood out as being pretty weird because you have to bargain pretty hard to convince anyone Carrot Cake is a real cake anyways. So can it pass as a good beer? it’s considered experimental and made with carrots, marshmallow, maple syrup, and so many more unique flavors. So we’ll let you be the one to decide if it’s worth trying out.

Bourbon Carrot Cake

3 Rogue’s Sriracha Hot Stout

Oh for those of us who are obsessed with adding spicy ingredients and hot sauces to everything will be happy to try this weirdo beer by Oregon-based brewing company, Rogue Beers. And oh yes it definitely includes the very popular hot sauce.

4 Kelpie Seaweed Ale

If you curled your nose up at this idea or even winced in disgust, think again. Yes, this is most definitely made with seaweed, but it gives it a “Scottish sea breeze” vibe according to their description.


5 Well’s Banana Bread Beer

Okay so you may not be thinking of bananas when you think of beer (or maybe you do). Well’s Banana Bread Beer tastes like…bananas. Depending on how you feel about the taste of bananas in your beer, this could be a great experience. Or inspire you to stay away from bananas for a really long time.

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