5 Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free

Want to watch a movie but not pay for it? These sites are for you.

5 Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free
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Cutting the cord, streaming, and Comcast-free lifestyles are becoming more than just a trend – it’s becoming a way of life. I’m even considering it myself. However, even with cutting the cord, you can easily spend a lot of money on subscription services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. So many options, so little money to spend. Is there a way to watch movies and television for free without paying an arm and a leg?

Why yes, there is. I’ve uncovered quite a couple of great solutions. Some you’ve probably heard of, others maybe not so much. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the way to watch TV without paying for it.

1 Crackle

I’ve actually used this service for a while. And they offer up pretty good movies and TV shows. They even have original TV shows (not just reruns). However if you are into reruns, do you remember the show “The Critic” with Jon Lovitz as the voice of the main character? Well, they have it. Check it out here. They also have the Jerry Seinfeld web series, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘ (which always make me want to go on a caffeinated road trip myself every time i watch an episode). One show I uncovered that’s really awesome (surprisingly so) is called, “Sequestered,” about twelve jurors that has a lot of twist and turns. Check it out.

Yes, they have ads but I’ve never been bothered by it. Try Crackle.

2 Yahoo Movies.

Yeah, Yahoo has movies. How about that? I didn’t learn this until recently. Sure, they have a lot of trailers for you to watch, but they have a lot of gems in there that make this a half way decent service. However, in all honesty I think it also really helps if you have incredibly high tolerance for not all that great movies. Check it out here.

However one diamond in the rough I’d like to recommend is “They Look Like People” which is about a guy who thinks that the people around him are aliens about to launch a war with humanity. Very surprisingly good movie. Low budget, but good. Watch it now.

3 TubiTV

Okay this is a new one for me. You do have to sign in and create an account in order to enjoy their site, but it’s quick, easy, and it’s free. They have a really great selection of movies such as “Out of Time” “Frozen” (not the Disney movie), and “School of Rock” (not my top favorite movies, but I think these are all pretty good selections). And they also have childhood classics like “Overboard” and “All Dogs Go to Heaven”. And “Teen Wolf”! I think this is one of the really good sites to choose from and I think you are bound to find something here.

Sign up with Tubi TV now

4 Vudu – Movies on Us

If you don’t mind the ads, watch movies through Vudu. You basically sign up and you can watch some free, decent (even some awesome) movies. I found things like “Dead Man Walking” “Secretary,” “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Lovely Bones.” So they don’t have just all junk and I really like that.

Watch now.

5 YouTube.

Oh yes, I said YouTube. And there are gems out there. Remember though, it’s helpful if you’re flexible about what you watch. For example, I’ve found playlists of full movies from the 1970s for example (check it out). And if you have the patience and time, check out this Reddit site that lists to full movies available on YouTube.

Of course, venturing down the road of free movies online, you may run into a lot of junk. But I found the sites listed about to be the most trustworthy, the easiest to navigate and the offers up good selections. Here’s hoping you find an excellent movie to watch tonight.

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