6 Mason Jar Crafts Perfect for Valentine’s Day

They’re just too cute for words.

We all know Valentine’s Day isn’t here yet, but it will be soon! There’s no harm in starting to prepare now. Why not create a few DIY accents to make the romantic holiday extra special? Even if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, these mason jar crafts will still make you say “awww”. They’re just that cute (and so pretty).

1 Glitter Mason Jars

6 Mason Jar Crafts Perfect for Valentine's Day
Mason Jar Crafts Love

Come on, isn’t that stunning? We can’t get over how adorable it is either. To make this insanely cute craft, you’ll need ball half-pint mason jars, foam heart stickers, white acrylic paint, pink acrylic paint, mod podge, white glitter, and pink glitter. To make this project a little more eco-friendly, try using biodegradable glitter. Look like something you’d like to craft? To get the full directions, go here.

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