Abandoned Puppy Rescued From Bushes Gets to Meet a Friendly Piggy

When you see how cute this puppy is, you’ll question why his owner didn’t want him anymore…

Hope for Paws was alerted about a scared dog stuck in some bushes. They immediately set out, even though it was at night, to rescue him. When they got there, they discovered it wasn’t a big dog, but a cute, fluffy puppy! The poor thing was so terrified, but thankfully they were able to rescue him and get him to safety. Best part is, he gets to meet a friendly piggy at his current foster home! Watch the video for yourself and stick around until to the end to see the piggy!

This Hope For Paws rescue video will have a DOG, a FOX and a PIG!!! WATCH until the end ūüôā

When Hope for Paws got to the scene, they immediately enclosed the area the puppy was in. That way, the poor thing couldn’t run off if it got too scared. They started out by simply trying to make friends with him. They fed him some little bits of cheeseburger to lure him out of hiding. He was very skittish and shy, especially at first, but he did start to eat and come out more. You could tell he wanted to trust them because his tail was wagging, but he was very cautious and nervous.

At one point, he actually gently bit down on the rescuers finger and pulled her towards his little den area. It didn’t hurt the rescuer, but it was a sign that he wanted her to come closer, which is really cute. That said, he was still rather skittish and looked like he was about to retreat, so Loreta (the rescuer who got her finger gently¬†chomped beforehand) decided to just scoop him up. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t try to break free or get violent. He actually has a very docile and sweet nature.

Fox gets cleaned up, then meets piggy

They put the lucky leash on him and the rest was history. Then, Loreta¬†carried him to the car where Loreta and the puppy snuggled up together (too cute!). They decided to name the puppy Fox. Unfortunately, the poor thing was dehydrated due to lack of access to water while living on the streets. They gave him some water and a bath which fixed him right up. They also checked to see if he was microchipped, and he was. Unfortunately, when they contacted¬†his owner, she told Hope for Paws she didn’t want him anymore. She explained she was given the puppy as a gift she didn’t really want. We can’t understand why she wouldn’t want him, to be honest…he’s so freaking cute!

The next day, he continued on to his foster home. And guess what? That foster home also houses a pet pig! Fix didn’t seem to mind the piggy too much either. We got to¬†admit the pig is really cute too, and they have¬†black and white spots all over! Apparently the piggy likes to eat carrots too, because that’s what the owner fed it. The pig is certainly friendly too, because when the rescuer called out to Fox, the pig came over instead! To cute. You have to see it for yourself in the video above. It’s adorable.

What you can do to help

Fox still needs a home. If you’d like to adopt this adorable puppy, contact Pal Rescue, and let them know you’re interested in adopting Fox. If you cannot adopt him, please consider donating to Hope for Paws so they can continue to rescue more amazing animals like Fox. A one-time donation or reoccurring donation is available. You can¬†donate anywhere from $5 to $200, the choice is¬†yours. If donations are not possible at this time, please share this article to spread awareness! The more shares, the more quickly Fox can find a loving forever home.

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