After 8 Years Missing, Tessa the Yorkshire Terrier is Found

This dog found it’s way home after being eight years missing.


Story originally posted to Naples Daily News. (SOURCE)

Let’s go back to Father’s Day of 2009. Tessa, the Yorkshire Terrior, wandered outside of her home in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, after someone left a gate open. Her owner, Louise Friedlander had been visiting the area at the time. She spent hours looking for Tessa and spent months placing ads in the newspapers, posting fliers, and getting friends to search the neighborhood.

Sadly, Tessa was not found.

Eight years later, Louise Friedlander’s phone rang. In the wee hours of the morning on June 30th, animal control officer in Lee County told her that Tessa was found outside of a fire department station.

The recovery of Tessa was poignant as Friedlander had just put down her dog, Ted, the other Yorkshire Terrier she picked out at the same time as Tessa. After putting down Ted, she vowed to never get another dog. Until of course, she found Tessa again.

When she visited Tessa, her furry friend acted like she hadn’t been gone a day. She told local newspaper Naples Daily News, “She jumped up on the cage and she wagged her tail and licked my hand and she smiled, like a Pepsodent smile.”

After making sure everything was okay, when Friedlander brought her home, Tessa didn’t miss a step. She didn’t even have issues with the two new Yorkshire terriors in the home. Friedlander is extatic to have Tessa home. “I truly believe that it was a miracle and that Ted brought her back,” she told the newspaper.

Now this is one happy ending you guys!


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