These Amazing Harry Potter Wands Have Real Cores

Now you can have a bespoke wand made just for you.

You can find many Harry Potter wands on the market, but all of them are replicas of other people’s wands. If you want to be a true witch or wizard, you’re going to need one of your very own.

That’s where Cambridge Wandmakers Daniel & Daniel come in. They craft incredible handmade wands with real cores. After all, the core is where the magic is!

They say the wand picks the witch or wizard, and there are a variety of premade wands that can select you. But, if you want something really specific, you can also have completely bespoke wands made for you.

Let’s take a look at some of these amazing wands.

A History of Magic (Wands)

These Amazing Harry Potter Wands Have Real Cores
Daniel & Daniel

Back in 2014, Oliver Daniel wanted his Potter-obsessed sister, Meredith, to have her own wand. She already had a collection of Harry Potter wands, but these were all replicas of wands characters in the books and movies used. Plus, in many cases, they weren’t even made from wood.

Oliver couldn’t find anywhere that made bespoke wands so he crafted one for Meredith himself.

The results were so good that they decided to go into business together!

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