This is How Artists Use The Illuminati As a Marketing Scheme

Let’s take a simple example.

The Illuminati have been around for quite some time. For the past 10 years, people have been losing their mind over this secretive, mysterious secret society who’s been creating stars –mainly– in the music industry. Is it true? Is it a marketing plan?

One thing is for sure: It is a trend. A trend we will be analyzing in this article.

This is How Artists Use The Illuminati As a Marketing Scheme

However, global superstars cannot be the perfect example. If we want to explore how a trend works, we should focus on both a different and a smaller market. Since I am half Greek, and I have studied Greece’s music industry, I will write about it.

As a journalist, I can confirm that Greece is officially screwed. But, of course, people still listen to music and artists still have to sell, so they have to come up with creative ideas.

The Illuminati in Greece

The Illuminati conspiracy has been around for quite some years now, but it only became a pop culture topic when the documentary “Music Industry Exposed” became viral on YouTube. Its creator claimed that music artists worship the Devil in order to become famous and that they have to sell their souls to Hell for money. To make his theory more strong, the man behind this controversial video cited some references on freemasonry and the hidden, evil symbolisms that popular music videos include. After that, triangles became the main symbol of the Illuminati in the music industry, international superstars started covering one of their eyes to make it seem like the “all-seeing-eye” and a marketing scheme was created.

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