Avocado Artist Defies Realism and Makes “Veggie Art” a Real Thing

Yep. Avocadoes are definitely a “superfood.”

Meet Jan Campbell, Irish artist and sculptor extraordinaire, but she doesn’t work with canvas, stone, wood, or even papier mache. Rather, her canvas is something just a bit more natural than you can ever possibly imagine….

Avocado Artist Defies Realism and Makes "Veggie Art" a Real Thing

Jan Campbell is an avocado artist. Mainly she creates the most whimsical sculptures you could expect — out of those avocado seeds you’d find after opening one up to make some guacamole. Who knew, right? Normally we just throw those things out in the trash when arguably they could be utilized for some of the best masterpieces next to the Mona Lisa.

Check out this one already sweeping Instagram, among others:


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