Blind Therapy Dog Brings Comfort to Children

Not being able to see, doesn’t stop this dog from comforting kids in the hospital.

Blind Therapy Dog Brings Comfort to Children

Want something that will give you all the feels? Well, Harley the Labrador, dealt with glaucoma by the age of 5 and became blind overnight, which still baffles veterinarians. Some months later her eyes had to be removed.

Harley’s Owner, Rita Harrell found it tough to make that decision. She told CBS News, “I was good with her being blind and having eyes, you know, but taking her eyes out meant this was never going to get better.”

At this point though she is happy with the decision and realized how Harley changed overnight following the surgery. When she came home she acted like a puppy. Her owner said, “…Ever since, she’s always been like this. Her tail’s always wagging. She’s happy all the time.”

In a few months, Harley adjusted to life and when Rita decided to take her pup to pet therapy, that’s when Rita decided to make Harley a therapy dog. She completed training with Paws2Care and became a service dog. Now Harley visits people in local hospitals and treatment places to provide care and comfort to everyone there.

This also brings inspiration to the kids that she visits in hospitals. One 16 year old girl told Greenville News, “It does show no matter what, you can get through anything.”

Owner Rita Harrell told Greenville News, “She has overcome her obstacles and look how happy she is and here she is making us happy. So there’s hope for everybody.”

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