Boston Terrier Becomes 5K Champion After Second Chance in Life

A mild tearjerker, but one of triumph, and makes you think of that “You’re the Best Around” song from the Karate Kid!

Her name’s Ruby Tuesday, and she’s a Boston terrier with some major chops (and legs) on her. Don’t mess with her. She comes in first or there’s Hell to pay, but this story about a 5K runner out of Florida and her humans Brittany and Shane Streufert practically killing it in marathons (their track record right now is 14 out of 15 races won, total!) isn’t just about victory or some serious barks, but one of miraculous happenings.

Boston Terrier Becomes 5K Champion After Second Chance in Life

That little Ruby Tuesday you see there wasn’t always a celebrity in her hometown if you can imagine that. She was a surrendered pup that, without the hopes of having a family in the Streuferts, would be shacked up in a shelter arguably for the rest of her life. The thing is Ruby had a whole lot of energy, and that was partly why she had some troubles in finding a home.

The Streuferts were game. I mean, they already had another terrier — Layla Jane — when they decided to take Ruby in at the tender age of six months young.

Shane, you see there, was already a runner, specifically for his health and high blood pressure. He lost weight, avoided medication, and then Ruby came into his and Brittany’s lives — with a surprising desire.

Ruby loved to run. And run, she did.

On their first little practice run, Shane and Ruby ran an entire mile, straight. It was pretty plain that they had a spitfire in a tiny package with legs like gatling guns across the cement, so the couple did something awesome — they signed Ruby up for what is known as the Bayfront 5K9 in Palm Bay! That’s right — a 5K race with a freakin’ canine division.

You’d think that a little spark plug like Ruby wouldn’t amount to much despite her heart and fire for the race, but get this — this little monster ran, and won, the Bayfront 5K9 FOUR TIMES so far. And not by a threat or a hair. By two minutes tops, with the second place finisher that far behind.

We mean it — Ruby can run her ass off.

When Shane and this Boston terrier with missile launch capability get to training, though, it sounds even more impressive: both of them run together three to four times a week, doing up to six miles at a time. On a decent day…. Ruby can run up to 11 effin’ miles total. And you might see her pant every now and then.

All we have to say is we’re glad she got a home. Because that’s some athletic godliness right there, packed into a tiny canine.


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