Brave Baby Squirrel Befriends Pet Cat

Such a cute pair, don’t you agree?

So, ever hear the tale of the cat and the squirrel? Well, it doesn’t end violently if that’s what you’re thinking. At least not this one. A baby squirrel is literally obsessed with this house cat! It’s such a cute video to watch, so we highly recommend it. Seems these two are becoming the best of friends!

Baby Squirrel Befriends Cat | The Dodo

Although the squirrel is a wild animal, he seems very trusting and intrigued by the cat. Maybe he has never seen a cat before and wants to know more about it. After all, baby squirrels are known to be quite curious and even walk up to humans. Well, this squirrel took it one step further: It actually climbed onto the cat!

In the video above, you can clearly see the pet cat has no clue what to make of this. He’s not really sure what to make of his new rodent friend, but he doesn’t want to hurt it. Instead, he just watches as the little guy runs all around in his kitty fur. So cute, right?

Even when the cat is on the move, the little squirrel is never too far behind. The baby literally tailgates the cat, in many ways. We can’t help but wonder what happened to the squirrels mother? Maybe this baby thinks the cat is its mother? Imagine that.

Either way, it’s clear this cat DGAF (AKA – doesn’t care) that the squirrel loves him. Even though the cat doesn’t seem to return the affection all too much, it’s not complaining. It’s like that one friend you have that just won’t stop hounding you but you can’t bare to hurt their feelings and tell them to stop. Hey, maybe the cat actually enjoys the company (secretly, of course)? Who can say.

All we know is that this video is absolutely adorable, and you need to watch it for yourself!

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