Cat Saves Family of 8 from Fire

You can’t say a black cat is bad luck this time.

Cat Saves Family of 8 from Fire

(Story first reported by Fox 46 News. Source)

The night before was normal for Emily Root and her children. Her husband Jericho Root was at work during the evening shift and Emily Root and her children decided to have a family campout in the living room. At some point in the evening, a couple of her children ended up going back to bed, but the rest of the crew was in the living room.

Early in the morning, Luna the family cat, started pawing on Emily’s feet. Realizing this is what Luna does when she’s brought in a present for the family, Emily woke up to find what the family cat had brought in for them.

Much to her shock, that’s when she realized that the house was on fire. She told Fox 46 of Chester, South Carolina how grateful she is for that cat. “If she didn’t wake me up, we may not have gotten all out. I am really blessed to have her and that everyone got out.”

Once she realized the flames were coming from the kitchen, she got her family out of the house just in time. The beds where the kids were sleeping are now burnt up completely as was the living room. Her husband told Fox 46 News that when he returned home from work, he ran up the street trying to find them. “I flew up the street. I don’t even remember how fast I was going.”

Luckily, he realized his whole family was okay and they’ve promised Luna wet food for life. If you want to donate to the Root family, you can find their GoFundMe account here.


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