Cat Stuck in A Tree for a Week Finally Saved

Thanks to the help of a community, this cat is back on solid ground.

Cat Stuck in A Tree for a Week Finally Saved

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A stray cat spent a week in a tree much to the dismay and concern of campers in the RV Campground in Kallaska County, Michigan. Everyone had been calling 911 reporting the cat, but the fire department, electricians, tree services and the humane society told them they could only wait for the cat to come down on its own.

Gail Clark, owner of the RV park said to local news WPBN/WGTU, “It’s very, very painful to watch the cat up there with no food, no water…I was told that they do not rescue cats and to wait. That the cat would come down.”

The cat had even remained in the tree through severe weather and storms. Campers were certain that the cat would come down after a monsoon the night before. Yet, there it staye.

But luckily this story has a happy ending because after the local news station reported of cat’s plight, a tree service company came to the rescue. They got a bucket truck and brought the cat down to safety. Here’s hoping this little one finds a home and stays out of those trees.

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