Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Are Heading Into The Boxing Ring Soon

Beat ‘Em Down Brown vs A Scrappy Underdog

R&B Icon Chris Brown and One Hit Wonder Soulja Boy are reportedly heading for the boxing ring this year. Apparently, the two have had some beef with each other over 3 Headed Shark Attack “actress” Karreuche Tran.

Instead of handling it like today’s rappers typically do (grandstanding on the sidelines while their bodyguards get concussions and their friends get prison sentences), they’ve decided to take it to the ring for a one on one slugfest. 

Floyd Mayweather told ESPN’s First Take that the fight was still a long way away. However, he stopped the rumors about the fight taking place in Dubai, and confirmed that it would take place in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

G-Unit Leader 50 Cent is using his media savvy to drum up hype around the brawl and has even involved former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. He also talked about his idea of setting up another fight between Kodak Black and Lil Wayne.

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