Cockatoo Plays With Kitten in a Box

The cat just isn’t playing the right game for this bird.

Cockatoo Plays With Kitten in a Box

On July 19th, Twitter user @Masaki_1133 posted a video that’s quickly gone viral. Watch below –

A curious cockatoo approaches a black box and flips open the lid. Well inside was a charming little cat (and we all know how much cat’s like boxes) that stares up at the bird for a moment. Then bops the cockatoo on the head as if to start a game.

The cockatoo would have none of this and flipped the box lid closed. Curious though, he tentatively approached the box lid one more time and lifted that lid again. The cat tries to reach out to him from his box. The bird drifts away and takes a spot by the dining room chair.

I’d say we are at a draw with this game folks.

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