Cop Saves Dogs From Hot Car by Smashing Window

Poor pups.

The hot months of summer are here and it’s a good time to remind pet owners not to leave your dog in the car on a hot day. Given the dangers involved, you would think common sense would prevail and no pet owner would subject their dog to such a situation.

Sadly, you would be wrong.

Over the weekend, a Good Samaritan who saw two dogs in a parked car with no air conditioning alerted Seattle police to the situation. Police officers and the Seattle Animal Shelter arrived to the scene and, with the car’s temperature close to 100 degrees, one officer smashed a car window to rescue the dogs.

A note was left on the windshield to alert the dog owner about what happened explaining that the dogs were taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter for check-ups.

The dog owner could face fines for leaving the dogs unattended.

A similar scene happened in Georgia over the weekend, with two dogs trapped in a car in a movie theater parking lot. It was 89 degrees outside, but 167 degrees in the car.

Roswell Police Officer Lisa Holland noted: “The windows were actually cracked. All of the windows were cracked. But that doesn’t mean, you know, that the car is getting any sort of breeze. It was parked directly in the sunshine. There was no shade for this car.”

First responders opened a hydrant to help cool the dogs, with one animal suffering a heat stroke seizure when police went in the theater to find the owner.

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