Diabetic Service Dog Earns Spot in High School Yearbook

She’s practically a student there.

Diabetic Service Dog Earns Spot in High School Yearbook
Hailee Blonquist Facebook

It’s that time of year…yearbooks are out and that means summer is around the corner. When students get their yearbooks, they usually flip through to find their pictures and check out their friends.

For one high school student, she got an amazing surprise, discovering that her dog had landed in the yearbook right beside her.

Fitting, considering Hailee Blonquist’s dog, Katie, has been by her side the past two years as her service dog.

Hailee, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014, got the dog because she was trained to assist her by alerting her of her glucose levels.

Her mom told People.com, “For the first year after she was diagnosed, it was a rough go. She would have everything from seizures to passing out for 20 minutes to more than two hours. It was a scary time.”

With Katie by her side, Hailee stopped having scary episodes, as her mom explained, “She lets Hailee know when she needs to check her blood sugar, and she’s enabled her to maintain her numbers evenly. She’s given us all peace of mind. She’s part of the family.”

Katie also became an instant hit at school, as Hailee explained, “When Katie started going to high school with me, she immediately became everybody’s friend.”

As for Katie’s place in the yearbook, Hailee said, “I thought they might stick a picture of her somewhere in the yearbook, but to see her right next to me as ‘Katie Blonquist’ was pretty cool.”

She hopes for a repeat appearance in next year’s yearbook, with one request: “Since it will be my senior year, I want her to wear a cap and gown and have a senior quote,” Hailee said.

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