Do You Know Why Stepping on LEGOS Hurts So Much?

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know!

Oh my God. Doesn’t it feel like LEGOS are your feet’s worst enemies? I mean, have you ever accidentally stepped on a LEGO brick? Doesn’t it feel like an electroshock? Like millions of needles get into your feet and give your body a painful feeling that climbs all the way up to your brain?

We are sure you know the feeling, but what does science have to say about it?

Why Do LEGOS hurt so much?

Today I Found Out, an amazing YouTube channel whose creators try to provide people with valuable information, has the answer. People have been asking the channel creator about LEGOS and why stepping on them is something akin to being shot in the foot by a knife soaked in wasp venom.

And most importantly: Why do we let our children play with an item so dangerous? At least for our feet.

Do You Know Why Stepping on LEGOS Hurts So Much?
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First of all, there is one thing we have to set straight. The soles of our feet are among the most sensitive areas on the human body right after lips, eyes, hands, and genitals. At the same time, feet are equipped with so many nerves to help us maintain our balance and prevent us from falling down.

But why LEGOs? Why do we always complain about stepping on a LEGO brick and not on a dog toy, for example?

Well, it’s not a secret that kids enjoy playing with LEGOs on the floor and build their own dream-worlds on their bedroom’s carpet. However, the reason why LEGOs hurt so much lies in the fact that a single LEGO brick is designed to support about 430 pounds of weight and their design (the knobs, the sharp corners etc.) definitely doesn’t help at all.

For more scientific information you have to check the video below. This guy here explains everything way better than me:

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