Dog Found 1,000 Miles Away from Home

This dog from Mobile, Alabama knew how to make it’s way, much to the surprise of her family.

And in case you can’t get enough of these missing pet found stories, here’s another one for you! This sounds like something out of the pet classic movie and book, Homeward Bound, actually.

So, on June 15th, a mixed breed one year old pup named June, wandered away from her home. According to an interview with Wichita Eagle, June had chewed through the wooden fence gate in her yard. Her family, couple Thomas and Julie Nguyen of Mobile, Alabama, said, “We’re thinking she was chasing after a cat, because we saw some paw prints.”

June’s owners looked around Mobile, Alabama days following June’s departure. Then they went on social media to see if they could find June and a woman had posted a photo of June soaking wet, although couldn’t keep track of her. June then made her way though and was seen around some prime Mobile spots, such as a pizza place called, “The Mellow Mushroom.”

And here’s one more point for microchips, because June was found by two teen boys who brought the dog to the Dodge City Vet Clinic. The boys initially wanted to keep the pup, but the vet tracked down June’s parents via microchip. The couple was shocked to hear that June had made her way over 1,000 miles away from home. They couldn’t figure out how June made it to Dodge City, Kansas, so far from home.

The couple was happy to see their pup home and understood why the teen boys, who initially found her, wanted to keep her.

(The story was originally covered by Michelle Matthews of the Alabama Media Group.)

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