Dog Rescues Deer from Drowning: Watch the Amazing Video

A canine lifeguard leads the charge.

An amazing water rescue happened over the weekend – and it was a four-legged lifeguard that was the big hero. Storm, a Golden Retriever, played a huge part in this dramatic rescue, captured on video.

Storm jumped into Long Island Sound and saved a young deer that was stuck, as his owner, Mark Freeley, told CBS New York: “Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, and then grabbed the fawn by her neck, and started swimming in to shore.”

Amazing. But his good deed doesn’t end there. Once he was safely on shore with the deer, he laid next to it and started to nudge it, presumably to make sure the fawn was okay.

Unfortunately, the deer ran back into the water, likely traumatized by the events. Some human intervention took place next, as Freeley worked with Strong Island Rescue’s Frank Floridia to go in after the fawn.

Floridia explained, “The second rescue was a lot of anxiety,” noting that it took some time to get a rope around the deer and bring it to shore.

The fawn was then carried to the rescue group’s van and taken to a local rescue to rest and recover.

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