Dog Spends 9 Months in Idaho Woods is Found

Cheri Glanker reunites this retriever with her family.

Dog Spends 9 Months in Idaho Woods is Found

Mo, an elderly retriever, has been reunited with her family after a long journey of finding her way back home. The retriever had been missing since September 13, 2016, while accompanying her family on a hunting vacation. A retired hunting dog, she usually spent her time in the camper, until one day when her family came back to the camper, she was gone. Somehow Mo was let out and Darwin and Cindy Cameron had been searching for her ever since.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Mo’s family, Darwin and Cindy Cameron were uncertain if the dog found by Cheri Glanker was Mo. They had several false reports in the past of dogs that could have been Mo – but weren’t. This time though Glanker was pretty certain. Especially when Glanker asked how Mo was with squirrels. According the Glanker, when Mo saw a squirrel, she didn’t act like a recovering dog who spent 9 months in the woods fighting for survival. That’s when Darwin Cameron knew. She “nearly ripped my arm off,” Glanker describes to the newspaper.

The reunion may not have been a scene out of a movie, but when the Cameron couple went to see if Mo was truly their Mo, they knew that their dog was recognizing them. From the way that Mo burrowed her head in Cindy’s lap and how she lay her head at the feet of Darwin.

Glanker told the couple, “I think you have your girl back.”

Now Mo is getting back on her feet and is almost fully recovered from her time in the wild. And as for Glanker, the woman who recovered Mo, calls the dog a fond nickname: The Legend. According to the Idaho Statesman, she plans on starting a new rescue in Mo’s honor.




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