Fact or Fiction: Funny Men Give More Orgasms!

Let’s set some things straight.

Over the last years, surveys on sex have become something like a trend and scientists hurried to make it a case study. The humanity has been analyzing the psychology of the intercourse, the way people sexually behave, the rules of attraction, and the ways men and women could increase their number of dates. Sex is now the mouse inside the lab, and we are waiting for the test results.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll be talking about a real mystery: Humor as a sex tool.

Fact or Fiction: Funny Men Give More Orgasms!
tugolukof / Shutterstock.com

Some years ago, media all over the world shared the results of a study published on the Evolutionary Psychology. With a simple Google Search, you will discover countless articles claiming that men with humor can both drive women to the magic land of orgasm and succeed on the dating scene. According to the stories published, the study suggests that, while looks, confidence, and income still are important, funny men tend to be more attractive and more skilled when it comes to the “Oh, God” part.

Let’s start by saying that the scientists behind the study did not want vaginal orgasms counted since they wanted to connect female orgasm to reproduction. The researchers asked 44 female students in heterosexual relationships about their sex habits, and the results suggested that the best predictors of the number and intensity of orgasms depended on how satisfied a woman was with her partner, his income, and his self-confidence, as rated by his partner.

However, the most interesting part came when the team of researchers indicated that women with partners who had a great sense of humor (as rated by their girlfriends) enjoyed more and stronger orgasms. The students also said that funny partners had more popularity, intelligence, and better leadership skills than men with not such fun.

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