Fiona The Hippo Reunited With Her Mom and It Is So Cute!

The viral hippo is back and we couldn’t be happier!

Back in January, Fiona the Hippo gained a lot of popularity just because she was born prematurely. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, the place where Fiona the Hippo lives, made Fiona their unofficial attraction and they even have a blog dedicated to her.

After Fiona’s premature birth, the biggest news is that she recently reunited with her mother, Bibi, and the footage is so cute we want to die!

Fiona The Hippo Reunited With Her Mom and It Is So Cute!

The video, uploaded by the zoo, features the baby hippo, which is now considered a celebrity, licking her mommy’s face. Of course, Fiona had been introduced to her parents, Bibi and Henry, in the past but this was the very first time they met in an open environment while cameras were recording them.

This is the video that will make your heart melt:

Fiona the Hippo became a viral sensation because she was born six weeks early under the normal 55-110 pound weight for baby hippos. Fiona the Hippo turned from a baby hippo to a global superstar based in Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Here are some videos of her:

Today, Fiona is perfectly healthy in her 166 pounds and you can follow updates, videos and images of her on the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden website.

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