Garlic and Holy Water Are Ingredients For Handmade Vampire-Repellent Soap

Perhaps the world’s most non-requested product, this hand-made garlic and holy water soap made by PoJo’s Pure Vermont Soaps is guaranteed to prevent vampire attacks or your money (and maybe even your blood) back!

This Vampire-Repellent Soap Is Specially Formulated

It’s no secret that garlic, crosses and holy water have repelled vampires down through cinematic history. Some of us do not believe and others do, but whichever camp you fall into, why not take every precaution just in case, and buy this vampire-repellent soap at $10 per 3-ounce bar from PoJo’s Pure Vermont Soap Company? There are other garlic-scented soaps out there, but they are no match against the encroaching fangs of a very hungry and irritated vampire. This soap is not just garlic scented; it is made with actual garlic oil and holy water.

Garlic and Holy Water Are Ingredients For Handmade Vampire-Repellent Soap
Garlic and Holy Water Vampire-Repellent Soap

This Vampire-Repellent Soap Comes With A %100 Money-Back Guarantee

A bargain at two bars for $16 or three for $21, according to the PoJo Pure Vermont Soaps website, “This soap is guaranteed to repel even the most aggressive vampires and simply washes away the danger of vampire attacks.” This is the first novelty product created by the small online shop that specializes in hand-made soaps. One burning question remains: Does the soap really repel vampires? Well, no one who has ever used this soap has ever been attacked by a vampire.

So that means it works, right

Better safe than sorry when it comes to repelling vampires

While the jury may still be out on whether or not displaced counts in long black capes stalk the deep, dark night in search of blood, why should any of us take any chances? We probably all need a bath anyway, so any excuse will do. Some of us, however, might wonder about the next novelty product this online soap company could come up with if this garlic and holy water soap does well. How about a guide featuring tips on what not to wear during a zombie apocalypse?



Go figure and…pleasant dreams!

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