HBO Hack Rivals the Sony Fiasco, and You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going to Happen on GoT

It’ll be the leak of the century. Who will the Game of Thrones? We’re about to FIND OUT before season 8 even debuts!

Never since the uproar of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” debut did we see such a hack of mammoth proportions. And we thought that Sony data hack was the worst it could possibly get. HBO’s bigger, for obvious reasons (can you say Game of Thrones?).

That’s right. You heard correctly. HBO was recently hacked by some cybercriminals, and it ain’t looking too hot. The online terrorists actually demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom in an effort to thwart the release of all that sensitive information we’re just dying to read about one of the biggest Cable TV shows of all time.

HBO Hack Rivals the Sony Fiasco, and You Won't BELIEVE What's Going to Happen on GoT

It was the real deal, in fact. Like, total cyberspace espionage theater-like dramatics. Apparently HBO CEO Richard Plepler received a little 5-minute video from some guy named “Mr. Smith” about the ultimatum.

Basically, pay us lots of money, and we won’t release the series finale details of your show GAME OF THRONES.


Apparently this group of hackers had stolen a hefty 1.5 terabytes of confidential corporate data, which included full series files of multiple shows. More specifically the hackers demanded a “6-month salary in bitcoin,” claiming to have earned an easy $12MM to $15MM due to blackmail.

Call me crazy, but I’m actually quite terrified of this happening, as it’ll blow an entire storyline to Kingdom Come in literally minutes.


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