This is What ‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters Look Like as Adults

And we’re already feeling nostalgic.

If you’re a 90s baby, you probably remember “Hey Arnold!” like the back of your hand. Ever wonder what happened to the animated cast or how they’d look now? So has artist Nuri Durr: He re-imagined all our favorite characters from P.S.118, and not just through drawings. For each illustration, Durr included a description of what the “Hey Arnold!” crew is up to now.

Do you think Durr’s interpretations are accurate? Would you have imagined something else? Keep reading to decide for yourself!

1 Arnold – “Hey Arnold!”

This is What 'Hey Arnold!' Characters Look Like as Adults
Nuri Durr

After graduating from college Arnold moved away to reunite with his parents in San Lorenzo, where he remained for 5 years. He returns home when he receives news that Grandpa Phil passed away. With no other other tenants living in the boarding house other than Grandma Gertrude, he decides he is more needed in Hillwood. Arnold works closely with children as a child psychologist. And, according to Gerald, Helga is noticeably more affectionate to Arnold now.

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