Homeless Dog Gets Hit By Car and Tries to Escape from Rescuers

This poor thing has not been having the best day…

Hope for Paws received a report of an injured dog on their emergency line. The rescuers immediately spotted the homeless dog on the side of the road. They were told the dog had been hit by a car a couple of days prior to their arrival. While this rescue was certainly a tricky one (the dog kept trying to escape!), it’s certainly one worth watching. Check out the epic rescue below!

Homeless dog gets hit by a car and then tries to escape from rescuers!

First, one rescuer ran to block him from reaching the dangerous intersection. One of the rescuers had to run up to him and grab him using a device that doesn’t hurt the dog, just traps him. That said, the dog started to bark frantically, even though the leash-like device was essentially a snare. Unfortunately, it had to be used. At one point, the dog was fighting it so much that he almost got free – the only part of him on the snare was his foot! The other rescuer came over and put the lucky leash on him to ensure he wouldn’t escape.

Unfortunately, he still was really scared and resistant, so they had to put the snare back on him as well. He was okay though, because he started to calm down. After a while, he started to wag his tail when he realized the rescuers were friendly! At that point, they started to make friends with him and pet him a lot. So cute! He even excitedly hopped inside the Hope for Paws rescue vehicle.

Sadly, X-rays revealed he suffered from head trauma and a damaged leg from being hit by a car. They decided to name him Rio, and worked really hard on rehabilitating him. The good news? After many months of recovery, Rio finally found a forever home! Hope for Paws teamed up with ART N’ Paws to find him the most amazing forever home where he runs and plays all day long. Too cute, right?

What you can do to help:

If Rio’s story touched your heart, please consider donating to Hope for Paws. They save dogs like Rio every day, and any donation would help them continue this. You can donate anywhere from $5 to $200, and it can be a one-time thing or a re-occurring donation. Either way, share this article to spread awareness!

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