Honest Homeless Man Returns Lost $676 Money Order and Gets a MAJOR Surprise

Talk about hitting the proverbial jackpot….

You can’t even imagine the horror when this California mom by the name of Yesenia Del Valle ended up losing her $676 money order for a tax payment. Not the kind of thing you wanted happening. She thought maybe the wind got it, because she tore her car literally from top to bottom looking for the damn thing, but to no avail: she effectively lost $676.00 to nature.

Until she got a visit from a complete stranger later that night:

Talk about sheer luck, right? Of course, this story wouldn’t so amazing if it was just about ‘luck’. Rather, the homeless guy, named Sergio Juarez, you’re seeing right there isn’t a bum out in the streets. You see, he’s a father. With four kids. And a wife. And they all live in a Motel 6, because he lost his job.

Yet this guy had the pristine morals and good ol’ fashioned humane heroism to make the right decision and make Del Valle’s day in a big way.

She found out what his situation and couldn’t sleep over what to do to pay him back, or pay it forward, or anything to make it seem like the world just wasn’t lucky for her. There had to be a grander plan in place.

Not only did she just hand him $40 to go to Denny’s and enjoy a fabulous meal, but she ended up starting a campaign on GoFundMe and you won’t believe what the result was:

She raised an amazing $18K for Juarez. And word spread of his kindness in doing the honest, right thing in our world that he ended up receiving multiple job offers.

Karma, man. Good things can happen.


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