How To REALLY Get Away With Murder

We know you love the TV show. Let’s take it to the next level.

Unsolved crimes, killers who get away with murder, theories, investigations. Ten words to describe the most spectacular moments in the history of crime. Ten words to summarize what every killer is looking for every time he or she takes a life: The Perfect Crime.

How To REALLY Get Away With Murder

Television, international media, justice… All facts indicate that no one can really get away with murder, but how many killings remain unsolved? Would you be surprised if I told you there was a way to join the Zodiac club and never get caught?

We read about those stories every day. We know the cases of your favorite, infamous serial killers and we actually may, more than anybody else, be capable of committing the perfect crime, avoiding mistakes that history has pointed out as essential. So, this is how we would get away with murder, and please, don’t give us away as abettors.

DISCLAIMER: This story has been created only to entertain our readers who love true crime stories. We certainly don’t promote criminal activities and we definitely don’t believe that perfect crimes really exist. However, if you find the title too honest, just rename the story to “How Some Killers Get Away With Murder,” and make sure you read it till the end.

Also, all the information below come from TV shows like the magnificent “How To Get Away With Murder.” Don’t shoot the messenger!

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