Jake the Diamond Dog Is the Coolest Thing to Happen to Baseball

And here’s why:

They seriously need to do this kind of sh*t at the major leagues, man. Can you imagine how cool it would be to watch baseball especially if you like animals? And it makes sense that we honestly wouldn’t notice this given its the minors — but apparently there’s something about the minor leagues that makes baseball even cooler: introducing Jake the Diamond Dog, baseball’s only golden retriever with one job — to carry baskets of bottled water to umpires between innings.

It’s just about the coolest, cutest thing you’d see, and there are apparently a ton of videos on him doing his job (he carries bats as well). Here’s one video:

The really cool thing about Jake the Diamond Dog is that he doesn’t specifically belong to any one team. This is a professional basket carrier serving all teams, traveling all over the Midwest, keeping umpires hydrated and delighting the kids at the baseball field.

And even crazier is the fact that there might’ve been several Jakes serving the role, as in back in 2005 Jake apparently was three years old at the time, which means there’s no way that same dog is still around doing the job.

This dog should be in a baseball hall of fame, for real.

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