Jon Stewart is Back on Television

And we are too happy to type!

Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Stewart is back but not the way you remember him –as a late night show host that is. Officially, Stewart announced that he is releasing two stand-up specials with HBO. At least, this is something compared to nothing at all.

The last time we ever witnessed John Stewart’s amazing talent in stand-up specials was in 1996’s, “Jon Stewart: Unleavened,” his one and only stand-up special he has ever released.

“We’re excited to bring Jon to the network with this pair of specials. We’ve all missed his uniquely thoughtful brand of humor,” Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming president said to The Hollywood Reporter.

 “I’m really thrilled to be able to return to stand-up on HBO,” Stewart said in statement. ”They’ve always set the standard for great stand-up specials. Plus, I can finally use up the last of the Saddam Hussein jokes left over from my first special.”

Jon Stewart’s and HBO’s new project is not really that …new. The “Night of Too Many Stars” show which was produced by Stewart’s older network, Comedy Central, is, in fact, moving to HBO this fall. The show will be broadcast live from the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York on Saturday, November 18.

Jon Stewart is Back on Television

Since 2015, when Stewart stopped from The Daily Show, the only way we got to see him on television was through a variety of on-air guest appearances –like his appearances on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert.

It might not feel much –especially for all of you who have been desperately crying out for a Daily Show follow-up– but it marks a project created fully by his talent.

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