Kat Von D Revolutionizes the Makeup Industry by Saving the Animals

That’s right, you heathens. Every time you put on Loreal, you’re KILLING nature!

You got it. Kat Von D is the bomb. For a lot of reasons. Yes, she’s handy with the tattoo, and she certainly knows how to glam it up with the beauty of a true-blue brunette and a touch of goth. But the lady of L.A. Ink has also been known to love the animals with a passion, advocating against animal cruelty in any way — including the makeup industry.

Kat Von D Revolutionizes the Makeup Industry by Saving the Animals

It might be no surprise that Kat Von D has targeted such an industry in a way that may change the face of the market. Her line of cosmetics, Kat Von D Beauty, has announced a new collection of vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes to go in line with her already environmentally friendly line of makeup products, and it’s unlike anything ever seen before.

Here’s what she said:

“I’ve teamed up with my #KvDArtistryCollective artists to create the most effective brush formations, using the highest grade synthetic fibers that mimic the same product distribution you would get from animal-based bristles.”

In other words, these newer-age brushes will be completely animal-free. With the same effectiveness and results.

At this moment, there’s no official launch date, but expect one soon. Kat Von D’s company already has prototyped seven brushes at the moment. And soon those brushes will be making up some hot ladies all over the world.

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