Kitten with Spine Condition Gets a Wheelchair

Ray the Cat Can Now Get Around.


Want some adorable uplifting news for your Sunday afternoon? Well, the students of Portsmsouth Middle School saved the day of little kitten Ray, who is blind with a spine condition that makes it difficult for him to walk.

Ray’s owner, Carrie Barron said he makes the best of things and that “he does have a lot of challenges but he doesn’t know that. He’s very happy,” she said to local news ABC13 of New Hampshire. So little Ray can get around but it’s tough. So, this gave middle school teacher Erin Bakkom an idea.

She told the local news, “It made me think okay this might be a great opportunity.” And thus launched the project to make Ray a chair, so he can move around faster and easier.

8th grader Austin Snow who was part of the project said it wasn’t that hard. This wheelchair was created with a 3-D printer. Snow describes the chair as being similar to the ones he has seen dogs use to get around, although this one is “wider and [they] have these two little pegs to strap him in.”

Bakkom said it was harder to get the wheels to go on what they designed than it was to come up with the idea itself. Ray has grown out of two chairs already but this only creates new challenges for the students. But this doesn’t phase the students of Portsmouth Middle School.

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