Last Male White Rhino Gets Armed Protection as it Battles Extinction

Sadly, the cause is linked to human activity.

Northern white rhinos are in trouble: They’re completely extinct in the wild. The sad truth is, there is only one male white rhino left, and his name is Sudan. He was in a zoo in the Czech Republic, then moved to Ol Pejeta Conservancy. There, he can be with the only two females left in the world. Sadly, humans are 100 percent to blame for what’s happened to rhino populations across the planet. Through poaching and hunting, they have caused this massive extinction of white rhinos.

Rhino Gets Armed Protection: Last White Rhino Battles Extinction | The Dodo

Although the state of things for Sudan are pretty dismal, people who love him are doing everything they can to save him (and his incredible species). Unfortunately, Sudan has to be constantly guarded because poachers could show up at any time. His survival is too important to risk leaving him alone, so it’s a good thing he has some body guards. Sadly, rhinos are hunted mainly for their horns, which have absolutely no medicinal value.

That sad reality won’t stop conservations from giving up though. They’re trying new technologies and even raising money by putting him on Tinder, to keep the species alive. They hope to release them into the wild again one day, and we hope they can too! It would be absolutely terrible to lose this species.

Not convinced as to why the white rhino needs to be saved? Well think about this: Without the rhinos, ecosystems would greatly suffer. Rhinos help to diversify plant life and create prime grazing spots for other animals. If you’d like to learn more about their importance in the ecosystem, there are many articles available to read online (here’s one we recommend).

How you can help:

White rhinos really need our help. There isn’t any time to delay. To help support Sudan’s survival, you can donate to Sudan’s tinder profile. If you have a Tinder account, you should be able to access it. If you’re really passionate about it, but don’t have the app, you can always make an account explicitly for donating to Sudan. You can also support Ol Pejeta’s GoFundMe page, which helps keep rhino rangers safe. It’s certainly a dangerous and costly job, seeing as the rangers are the rhinos’ last line of defense against poachers. They are given the best training possible to do their job though, and certainly deserve all the support they can get. If you cannot donate to either cause, please share this article to spread the word!

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