Legendary Handshake Teacher You’ve Seen Just Surprised His Classroom

The surprise will surprise you, not surprisingly. Let’s just say it’s a ‘slam dunk’.

If you haven’t seen the viral handshake teacher practically killing it in the classroom and turning the youth of America into the future leaders of our country, do some freakin’ research. The guy’s all over the Internet, for crying out loud! Maybe you live under a rock….

Anyway, he’s back. And bigger than ever. Mr. Barry White Jr., known as the handshake teacher, did one heck of a number on his class as he paused their audacious and remarkable intro to entering the room for a spirited session of studying, much to the confusion of some of the students, to bring in a special guest “host,” if you will, learning some of their awesome handshakes. Check it out:

What kind of salary does Barry White, Jr., have? — that’s all I’m asking! To be able to pull some strings and have the Harlem Globetrotter Zeus McClurkin show up out of nowhere and alley-oop these kids into stardom??

Ask yourself what kid in his/her right freakin’ mind wouldn’t be jazzed about studying 19th-century French poetry after getting to do that right before getting into the classroom. These kids could study paint drying on the walls and never get bored. They’re going to be super-geniuses capable of curing cancer with paperclips. While blindfolded. With their hands tied behind their backs.

Can we get more Barry White Jr.’s into all of our schools, please??

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