Literacy Program Lets Students Read to Cats

These Wisconsin Elementary students get to read to their feline friends!


If you have a pet, you have probably talked to your pet, confided in them, shared your woes, your dreams, your sorrows. They’re your best friend! They’re family! Now, have you ever READ to your pet?

Well, students from Washington Elementary in Wisconsin visit the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin to read to their cats. These are probably some of the smartest cats around! Local news station, WISC, reported that the cats are hearing about things like World War I and some are hearing about things like cranberries.

Fifth grade teacher Kim Hayward brings about seven students every Wednesday to read to the cats in the program called, “Washington Whisker Whispers.” She said to WISC, “If you make a mistake, if you mispronounce a word, if you stumble, the cats don’t care.”

Isn’t this such an amazing program?? News station WISC says it’s been running for three years now and runs from October through May. They are always seeking funding, so be sure to check them out on Facebook .

Check out this adorable video of this cat just LOVING being read to –

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