Little Girl Thinks This Bride Is a Real-Life Princess

This is the sweetest.

A little girl was mesmerized by a bride she encountered on the street, believing that Shandace Robertson was the real-life princess from her favorite book.

While the bride and groom were scouting places at their Seattle wedding venue to take photos, the toddler and her mother met up with the beautiful woman in her wedding dress.

The bride explained to ABC News: “As we were walking by they stopped and were both watching us and the mom’s like, ‘Hi, she thinks you’re the princess from her book.’”

She added, “I look at the book and it’s a lady in a white dress and I’m like, ‘Aww this so sweet.’ I kneeled down and said, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ and she just smiled.”

The encounter made an impression on the woman’s big day, which left her feeling “overjoyed to have that little moment.”

She added, “The day is really busy and you’re running around but to take three minutes to say ‘hi’ to her and give her a hug, it was one of the best most moments of the day. I was just beaming for the rest of day and talking about it for weeks after that. My heart was just overjoyed.”

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