Some Little-Known, Behind-The-Scenes Facts At NCIS

Below are some interesting facts admirers of the world famous show, NCIS, may not know

In addition to one scary encounter with a homeless man last November who assaulted her, Pauley has had her share of troubles. Although divorced since 2004, she has been in a constant state of war with her ex-husband, musician, Francis “Coyote” Shivers. Both parties claim the other harassed, abused, and defamed them. One online report asserts that Shivers was jailed in September 2015 for violating a restraining order she filed against him in a complicated lawsuit.

Cote De Pablo

Cote de Pablo, Israeli Mossad officer, Ziva David, is Chilean-born. In one episode when she was required to have a lengthy phone conversation in Hebrew, she practiced for 48 hours straight without sleep or rest. “I wanted to do the language justice and I apologize to all Israelis if I didn’t succeed…” Impressed with her poignant and powerful performance, in 2007 the Israeli government invited her to visit, which she did. She told the Chicago Tribune: “It was more of a trip for Ziva than for Cote. It absolutely informed my insights into her soul.”

Some Little-Known, Behind-The-Scenes Facts At NCIS
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Michael Weatherly Jr.

Art imitates life, as character, Anthony DiNozzo, and actor, Michael Weatherly Jr, both have difficult relationships with their fathers. Weatherly and his biological father, Michael Weatherly Sr. have been at odds for years. The elder Weatherly was so furious when his son dropped out of college to pursue an acting career that he disinherited him from the family fortune which he acquired by importing the Swiss Army knife to the United States.

The cast of NCIS continues to ignite interest and commentary all over the world. Its effect on the viewing public has been staggering and one can only hope this wonderful show will continue for another 13 years.

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