It Looks Like We May Have Found Amelia Earhart’s Remains….

And you won’t believe where we found them!

It turns out that the famous female pilot never disappeared or even died on a plane with it disappearing as some may have thought for decades. The mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart might just have been solved, lending credence to what everyone’s been talking about regarding the Bermuda Triangle. Coincidentally, according to this new finding, the Triangle happens to be nowhere near where Earhart might’ve been discovered!

It Looks Like We May Have Found Amelia Earhart's Remains....

We have a very real possibility that Earhart, in fact, must’ve died as a castaway on an unknown island after her plane had crashed. Interesting theory given the science regarding where she was at the time.

Now we’re sure you’re asking how we know that…. It just so happens that visual examination of a skeleton recently discovered around 1940 proves that someone (not really sure who) was, in fact, a castaway on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro, Kiribati. Don’t ask us why we’re only finding out about this skeleton now. We don’t know. But it’s pretty clear: that castaway died on that island, and here’s the remarkable part —

The timing pretty much matches up with when Amelia Earhart flew nearly across the world, having last been heard back in July 2, 1937. Interesting. Moreover, researchers tested the skeletal remains of the castaway and deduced that the person was a female. And to make it even more interesting…. Her forearms were a pretty close match to Amelia’s.

Of course, no actual physical testing had been done as of yet. But the coincidence is compelling. It turns out that researchers had even discovered Earhart made at least 100 radio transmissions in the effort to seek help allegedly after her plane crashed.

This should tell you something: she was alive even when her plane went down. And she was alive for quite a while after that…. Perhaps on an island.


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