Man Gets Charged With Animal Cruelty For Pranking His Dog With Fireworks

If you talk to an animal lover for any length of time, eventually you’ll hear the phrase: “Some people just shouldn’t own pets.”

One Georgia man proved this old adage true once again after a bone headed stunt involving his dog went viral. The ensuing backlash put him at the eye of an internet hate storm.

William Scaffidi wanted to get his 4-year-old Husky-mix Betty Boop in on the 4th of July festivities. He took what was supposed to be a funny video of his dog being spooked by some fireworks. He didn’t get the reaction he’d hoped.

The video was taken by his daughter and uploaded to Facebook that same day. Outraged friends and neighbors didn’t see anything funny about it. Many called the clip “textbook animal abuse.” The video quickly went viral, and before long people were demanding that Scaffidi’s arrest.

Scaffidi told news outlets that he feared for his safety. He said, “the hate mail started coming in – threatening to kill me.”

Fulton County Animal Services charged him with Animal cruelty. but Scaffidi insists that his dog has never been harmed by him or anyone else.

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