Man Saves Dog from Coyotes

This guy is the hero of the day.

(Original story posted to KTLA)

Alex Siggins, an Army Veteran, saved the day of a dog in danger, when he noticed it surrounded by three coyotes near his home in Santa Clarita. According to KTLA, the coyotes head butted the dog sending him down the hill into a thorny bush.

Siggins was with his children at the time and they all became very upset. His daughter told KTLA that she was crying and very scared. Siggins hiked towards the dog. He told KTLA, “If that puppy’s hurt, I want to be able to help it.”

Barefoot, he went up the hill and approached the dog and picked her up. All the while the coyotes remained aggressive, but Siggins managed to get the dog and bring her to safety. He describes that the coyotes were stalking him while he left with the dog. “I thought they would’ve back down right away.”

Siggins reunited the pup with her owner after he spotted a missing dog poster that matched the dog’s description. Umi, a 5 year old Shiba Inu is now reunited with her family. Umi had been reported missing two days prior and her family realizes how very lucky they are that Umi is alive.


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