Martha the Mastiff Wins the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest of 2017

And she did it all by just taking a big nap on stage.

We can’t pinpoint the whole concept much except to say it is what it is: even the ugliest dog is so endearing that you have to have a contest about it, like how the Sonoma-Marin Fair has had in Petaluma, CA, for the past 50 freakin’ years. That’s right — it’s the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest, and the winner was just announced recently…. A huge mastiff by the name of Martha, who could pass for a model of Salvadore Dali and his melting clocks! Check out the video:

Never before would we ever see that much skin droop on a dog. Bizarre. And honestly that’s probably why Martha won the contest.

Martha is a 3-year-old Neopolitan Mastiff, 125 pounds massive, and a drooler. A snorer. Gassy as hell. And just plain silly. Truly that’s what the contest is all about, actually — not just about the looks, but about the comedy behind it. It’s part of their charm.

Martha takes home a hefty $1.5K in prize money, plus a 5-foot-tall trophy she can slobber all over. She’ll get to it after she wakes up from that nap.

Check out the runner-ups, photos courtesy of Brittany Auger Lane:

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