Meet #SaltBae, The New Beefcake That Has Twitter Going Nuts!

“He’s got muscles, he’s got abs, he’s got style, he’s got meat, he can cook, and he’s a great dad! What’s not to like?”

If the Food Network and Epic Meal Time prove anything, it’s that people love their meat. Luckily for us, twitter’s new trending hashtag #saltbae is serving a heaping helping of beef…in more ways than one.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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The internet tends to go crazy over a new cute boy every week. Guys like #AlexFromTarget and the #ChaiWala are some great examples. But those guys don’t have much staying power. The only thing faster than their rise to fame is their fall back into obscurity.


But unlike them, #Saltbae has everything anyone has ever wanted in a man, beauty, talent, and piping hot meat.

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