Meet the Kongs!

This dynamic finger-monkey duo is taking the internet by storm!


Meet the Kongs!

We’ve all heard of King Kong, but did you know that there is a pair of monkeys giving King a run for his money? This dynamic duo has taken Instagram and the world of social media by storm with their adorable videos and cute photoshoots!

Meet the Kongs.The duo named, Diddy and Yeti Kong, are a pair of monkeys that were rescued in Miami, Florida. Diddy Kong was saved shortly after the death of his mother. His caretakers decided to give him a playmate named Tiny Kong to keep him company. Unfortunately, something happened with Tiny and Yeti Kong was introduced shortly after.

Meet the Kongs!  Meet the Kongs!

The rescuers decided to document their moments with the furry creatures online, and this turned into the realdiddykong website and social media pages.  Their mother Gabriella Katia is a model living in Miami, Florida.She bathes and feeds the monkeys daily while taking short videos.

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