Miami Firefighter Hunk Just Saved an Elderly Dog From Drowning

And we’re pretty sure just about every Miami hottie wants a date with him.

It’s scary that as you watch this video, you notice that the poor elderly dog didn’t have long before sinking into a watery grave. Thankfully, someone made sure the Miami Beach Fire Rescue team would be on site as quickly as possible to save this poor 12-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei-Rottweiler mix.

It literally was an accident, and not just a “let’s get into the water and forget about the fact that the current can suck me in” sort of situation. The dog’s name is Junior (which as you already know, he’s not), and he got lost out there in Miami. We don’t know exactly how it happened, but poor Junior fell into Biscayne Bay, fighting for his life.

The rest, you know. But this is proof that firefighters are true heroes — and they look pretty damn good doing it, too. The name of the firefighter is Emilio Sanchez. No, his number won’t be listed on here.


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